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Lure Espace Découverte has a French ski school (ESF) up to the first star, a secure toboggan run, starting-points for hiking trails and a mountainside restaurant: La Sauvagine. It’s a little family-type resort suitable for children and beginners and is also heaven for snowshoers and those who are keen on Nordic walking. And even when there is no snow, there’s a panoramic view from the top and you can see the Alps, the Baronnies, the Mont Ventoux, the Luberon and as far as the Mediterranean. During the whole period when the mountain is covered in snow, local and english speaking mountain leaders offer guided snowshoe outings. 2015/2016 Lure Espace Découverte ski resort prices and activities (F)

The snowshoe festival

This annual national meeting is a must for all those who love the montagne de Lure in winter and want to take their first steps with snowshoes, learn the sport or improve with guides and leaders. Save the date and keep a week-end in January to come and share this outdoor relaxation activity on your own with friends or family and have fun. But it will also be a week-end for learning how to stay safe in the snow, build an igloo, do orienteering and listen to stories in the wigwam. A warm, fun weekend to enjoy the mountain in winter! There are several discovery trails of various levels: athletic day hikes, beginners’ walks for all ages and workshops Information: Office de tourisme intercommunal Pays de Forcalquier-Montagne de Lure, Antenne de Saint Etienne les Orgues: 04 92 73 02 57 – Download the detailed programme and registration form on

What is Nordic walking?

Recharge your batteries with Nordic walking, a newcomer in the range of gentle, healthy sports! It helps to tone muscle, protects joints, arteries and the heart, it’s good for losing weight, and it’s recreational and relaxing to walk in natural surroundings! You need two special, very light poles for Nordic walking and even though it’s very easy at first, it takes good coaching for you not to  just « take your poles for a walk ». Nordic walking is suitable for everybody and there’s no age or fitness limit. -

lavenderSummer on the Montagne de Lure

On summer days, the Montagne de Lure is a cool, welcome break from the heat of the valley. Stop off in the beautiful beech wood which surrounds Notre Dame de Lure. Try and recognize (but please don’t pick them!) the thousand and one mountain plants which made the fortunes of herb pedlars for centuries.* Every year, the herbalism fair takes place in Saint-Etienne-Les-Orgues on 14th July to commemorate this multitude of smells and colours. Follow in the footsteps of the old charcoal-burners who lived in the forests in huts made of earth and branches and made the charcoal which was used as fuel. Come and discover some of the most beautiful examples of dry-stone architecture of the Montagne de Lure : the sheepshelters

* In the appropriate season, the herb pedlars used to collect medicinal and aromatic plants on the Montagne de Lure, and then sold them in fairs and markets, sometimes very far away. Some used them to make various cordials, herbal teas, ointments and elixirs. The wealthier even opened sales counters in large towns.

The Montagne de Lure in springtimeThe Montagne de Lure in springtime

Come and watch nature waking up in the warmth of the sun. In spring, when the days get longer, you can see and smell the first mountain flowers: Florentine tulips unfolding their petals on a carpet of primroses, dwarf narcissi and later all sorts of orchids… Birdsong announces the new babies. Shooting season is over andgame animals can return to their habits. And if you are very quiet, you might be able to see new-born leverets or wild boar piglets. At the top of the mountain, vehicles can once again go over the col du Pas de la Graille and down the North-facing slope into the Jabron valley. Volunteers have once again worked hard at marking the hiking trails. trails. Short loops for family hikes or a longer hike on the GR6. IGN maps and topo-guides are on sale at the tourist office to help you discover them.

The montagne de Lure in autumnThe montagne de Lure in autumn

Come and see the montagne de Lure in the autumn when it welcomes visitors in its multi-coloured robes. Fiery reds mingle with russet and ochre with, here and there, a few touches of green and yellow which give a matchless image of the forest in flame. Wander around the forests of Lure, and keep your eyes skinned! Breathe in the smell of the woods! You may even come across some of our mushrooms: bolets, chanterelles or even Caesar’s mushroom! But be very careful, the mushrooms of the montagne de Lure are not all edible and picking is sometimes regulated! Find out in the mairie. And in autumn too, the incredibly magical sunsets from the montagne de Lure area breath-taking sight.

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