The Pays de Forcalquier et Montagne de Lure invites you to discover its products, its region, and meet its highly enthusiastic producers…

The producers

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Honey from Haute-ProvenceHoney from Haute-Provence

Did you know that the Alpes de Haute-Provence is the world’s largest producer of lavender honey?  300 days of sun a year and a rich and varied plant life make our department a privileged area for bees.

Itinéraire paysan « les abeilles à tire-d’aile »

The bees will share their secrets with you, and you can learn all about the landscape around the hives, the beehouse, the old hives and the honey extractor. Vicenta and Christian Hogedez invite you to follow their bees’ itinerary from the commune of Saint-Michel-l’Observatoire to the bee farm.

La bergerie des abeilles

From Saint-Etienne-les-Orgues, take the road for Lure and visit an artisanal bee house with its glass hive to see the bees’ social life and understand it better. Listen to how honey is produced and learn about the job of beekeeper. Sale of honey, pollen, wax candles. Visit of the saffron farm. Please book: 06 17 13 74 95.

Olive oil of Haute-ProvenceOlive oil of Haute-Provence

An AOC olive oil

« A mere whiff of olive oil exempts one from reading Homer », wrote Jean Giono! A dark green, exceptionally fruity oil with a strong flavour. It is known as being of great character, which means that it marks the palate with its varied, harmonious and lasting aromas.

 Le moulin de Gouvan, Forcalquier

In the middle of the old town, the remains of an old oil mill restored by a local olive-grower. Sale of oil.

Le moulin de la cascade, Lurs

During the winter months, come and see how olive oil is made in the old-fashioned way. The olives are pressed to extract a black, fruity oil which decants at its own rhythm, without the use of an extractor.Sale of oil.

 Ecomusée de l’olivier, Volx

A very beautiful museum layout to discover the civilization of the olive tree all over the Mediterranean basin. Sale of oil.

itineraires paysans discovering farmers from haute _4Small Spelt


In the heart of Haute Provence, in the hills between Vachères and Banon, small spelt has been part of the cereal heritage since ancient times, and it is here that the producers of Small Spelt are restoring its reputation with natural, healthy agriculture. This out-of-the-ordinary cereal, with a multitude of nutritional and taste qualities surprises by its authenticity, its slight crunchiness and its flavour.

Grouped together since 1997 in a Syndicat Interdépartemental, the producers are working to defend and valorise small spelt and small spelt flour from Haute Provence by means of an IGP.

 La ferme des Truques

A member of the Agribio 04 association, la ferme des Truques grows Small Spelt from Haute Provence, the ancestor of all types of wheat which appeared over 10 000 years ago and which has not been genetically modified.Come and see their farm.

Le syndicat de l’IGP Petit Epeautre de Haute-Provence

This unusual cereal whose nutritional and taste qualities have been part of the cereal heritage since ancient times and an Indication Géographique Protégée (PGI – Protected Geographical Indication).

Itinéraire paysan « A la rencontre du petit épeautre »

From seeds to packaging, the working methods are artisanal and respect the environment. Come and discover or rediscover small spelt, learn how it is processed and its many uses before going on to taste farm products.

Truffles of Haute-Provence  Black diamondsTruffles of Haute-Provence

Black diamonds

In the winter season, make the most of this gastronomical gem: tuber melanosporum is an exceptional gourmet delight you’ll never forget!


Itinéraire paysan « A la découverte du diamant noir »

Why did truffles establish themselves on these lands? Why did they associate themselves with these oak trees? A lot of questions whose answers will help you understand this black mushroom which livens up our dishes.

The Truffle Festival
Every year, a different town in the Alpes de Haute-Provence hosts this festive day.


Chestnuts from Revest-du-BionChestnuts from Revest-du-Bion

Rediscover this treasure

We don’t keep our chestnuts hidden in our pockets in Haute-Provence!

Quite the opposite! We are delighted to share this fruit from the chestnut groves of Revest-du-Bion – one of the rare parts of Haute Provence with its somewhat chalky soils where this tree grows.

Flour, cream, liqueur, jam… chestnuts lovingly grown by local producers come in many forms and invite themselves into your cuisine.

A quick recipe for the greedier among you:

500 gr of sweet chestnut cream, 3 eggs and 3 spoonfuls of olive oil (to stay local). That’s right, that’s all!

Whisk the eggs, add the cream of this delicious fruit and three spoonfuls of olive oil. Bake in the oven for approx. 25 to 30 minutes at 180°. Enjoy!

To find out more about this fruit which is celebrated every year by the Confrérie des amis de la Châtaigne, click on the link below:


Banon cheeseBanon cheese

Banon is made following old recipes developed in the farms of Haute-Provence.

Made from soft curd into a tome, it is wrapped in a brown cocoon of chestnut leaves and the alchemy of fermentation gives it a creamier texture and added taste, and it then it becomes a « Banon ». Unfold it and once released from its showcase of leaves and raphia it appears in its creamy goat’s milk robe…

The Syndicat du Banon was created in 1997 with four main objectives:

  1. To manage, defend and promote AOC Banon,
  2. To define the characteristics which respect the tradition of Banon cheese,
  3. To guarantee that its members’ interests are represented,
  4. To take all possible measures to enable the AOC Banon sector to develop.


La Fromagerie de Banon

Since April 2007, the Ecomuseum of the Banon Cheese House shows you how Banon is made and wrapped and takes you on a tasting of its cheeses.


Itinéraire paysan « De collines en prairies, naissance du Banon »

A walk along the path to discover the family-run farm and the herds…


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